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AstroYeti Joins Conch Town Records

Conch Town Records is proud to announce the signing of AstroYeti (Mark King, Turner Harrison, and Hiram Garzaro).

A secret society of Space-Caper solving time crime fighters, Astro Yeti is a Trippy Island
Spacefunk Adventure comprised of three eclectic front men from Key West, Fl. and their
band of colorful miscreants. On the bass and guitar, Mark King brings the funk in a heavy
way and his dreamy vocals add a smooth class to an already polished sound. Hiram G
licks the drums and drives the cosmic rhythm train that holds the AstroYeti galaxy
together. Turner Harrison is a multi-instrumentalist with a motley cultural background that
gives him touches of reggae, blues, and gypsy-infused flair to add to AstroYeti’s super solid

Their powers combined – no space villain, time bandit, or music lover is safe from AstroYeti!
Together they bring a fresh new sound and look to Key West’s original music scene!

Their album Gnarly Gumlie’s Voodoo Van is scheduled to released end of October this year. Stay tuned for a little taste of their sound coming August 5th with the release of their first single “Long Road”!

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