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Conch Town Records Signs Gary Hempsey

Conch Town Records announces that veteran Key West musician Gary Hempsey has signed with the label
Photo credit: Paul Blatt

Conch Town Records is proud to announce that veteran Key West musician Gary Hempsey has signed with the label.

After playing in San Francisco and Las Vegas, Gary Hempsey arrived on the Key West music scene in 1995 or ‘96 — he says it’s a little fuzzy. Gary began playing solo in classic bars in Key West: Grunts (now Hank’s Hair of the Dog), Captain Tony’s Saloon (where he was part of the house band with Carl Peachy and Russ Scavelli), Sloppy Joe’s, the Hog’s Breath Saloon, and Schooner Wharf. He played mostly cover songs, but he was always writing his own music. Every once in a while, he would sneak in one of his original songs.

Those original songs became Gary’s first album, produced by Ian Shaw. “When we finished Don’t Forget Where You Come From in late 2020, I thought – wow this is actually a good record…on the record the songs really came to life.”

Gary played with the Paul Cotton Band and founded That Hippie Band. He then joined The Happy Dog Band more than four years ago and enjoys their busy schedule of regular gigs in town.

Joining Conch Town Records is the latest big step in Gary Hempsey’s long career, and it feels good to him. 

“I’ve made a living as a solo musician for a long time. Solo, alone, to and from the show. Now no matter if it’s a solo gig or a full band gig, I am not alone. I have a band and Conch Town Records – an entire musical family with me everywhere, every day and that is a feeling I’m not used to. I’m so appreciative of the acceptance.”

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